Certified ISO 9001:2015 CV MUKTI NUGRAHA

Certificate No:MNG076A
Organization Name:CV MUKTI NUGRAHA
Address:Jl. Wonodri Kopen Timur III No.26, Semarang Selatan, Kota Semarang, Prov. Jawa Tengah – Indonesia
Scope:Repair of Machinery for General Purposes, Repair of Computers and Similar Equipment, Repair of Household Appliances and Home & Garden Appliances, Repair of Furniture and Home Appliances, Car Repair, Electrical Installation, Retail Trade on Office Stationery, Retail Trade on Various Goods, Motorcycle Repair, Lodging Building Construction, Office Building Construction, Retail Trade on Laboratory Equipment, Pharmacy & Medical Devices, Retail Trade on Computers Including Spare Parts and Catering Service
Standard:ISO 9001:2015
Issue Date:24-08-2022
Surveillance / Next Audit Date:21-08-2023
Valid Till:23-08-2025